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Welcome to Kandy Coated, a woman-owned hemp brand dedicated to enhancing wellness and elevating lives through our premium hemp products. We are passionate about offering natural, high-quality solutions that seamlessly integrate into your wellness routine.

Enhance your senses, spark creativity, and unleash your full potential today. Experience the benefits of hemp-derived cannabis by Kandy Coated and embark on your journey of wellness.

Top Quality

Sourced from finest farms around, our products come from reputable producers and meet  high quality standards.

100% Legal THC

Enjoy our federally legal, potent, and utterly satisfying hemp-derived THCa, which is compliant with the Farm Bill.

Delivered to You

Order online and sit back to wait for your delivery. With a focus on safety and security, we insure your package is delivered discreetly and securely.

Cannabis Gummies

CBD Gummies




No medical card needed.

Get your discreet delivery now! 100% federally legal under the Farm Bill, allowing the sale of cannabis with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by dry weight.

Kandy Coated Vape

THCa Vapes

This convenient and discreet vape delivers the perfect dose of pure THCa for a smooth and uplifting sensation.

  • HHC 70% 70%
  • THCP 35% 35%
  • THCA 25% 25%
  • CBC 10% 10%

THCA Prerolls

Experience our premium THCa pre-rolls, expertly crafted from top-quality cannabis grown in the United States.

  • THCA 70% 70%
  • Δ-9 THC 45% 45%
  • CBGA 25% 25%


Delicious edibles offer a discreet way to experience the benefits of CBD, delta-9, & lion’s mane.

  • Δ-9 THC 60% 60%
  • THCP 50% 50%
  • Lions mane 30% 30%
  • HHC 7% 7%

The graphs above are for illustrative purposes. For precise composition, please refer to the verified lab results.

U.S. Farmed Cannabis

Our 100% legal U.S.-farmed cannabis premium products are meticulously crafted to elevate your wellness journey and unlock your full potential. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and creativity with our top-quality CBD, Delta-9, and THCA products.

U.S. Farmed Cannabis

legal THC delivered

In the world of cannabis, pre-rolls offer a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy your favorite strains. Pre-rolled are pre-filled with THCA flower, containing the psychoactive compound in cannabis. This makes them ideal for those seeking the potential therapeutic and intoxicating effects of cannabis.

100% Legal Cannabis

Interested in a natural way to manage pain or improve your sleep? Consider trying CBD gummies. Our tasty edibles provide a convenient and discreet method to experience the potential benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). Our pre-rolls contain 100% legal psychoactive THCa cannabis flower.

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